Get Mobi.css

There are a few easy ways to quickly get Mobi.css.


The easiest way to include Mobi.css is using cdnjs:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />


cndjs may have some delay to fetch the latest version.

unpkg is a good choice:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

Warning: this will fetch the latest version of Mobi.css, please carefully include it.


You can download Mobi.css in this page.

Once downloaded, unzip the compressed folder to see the structure of (the compiled) Mobi.css. You'll see something like this:

└── dist/
    ├── mobi.css
    ├── mobi.min.css

Please use dist/mobi.min.css for the compressed version.


Use npm to install Mobi.css:

npm install --save mobi.css

Then you can build Mobi.css to your project using SASS:

@import 'mobi.css/src/mobi';

Be sure you have added node_modules to your Sass's load_paths.